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When you purchase a boat you will no doubt have needs and wants which will differ from other people. This is due to everyone wanting to do the things that THEY enjoy with their boat and lets face it - we all like to do different things in different ways while we enjoy time on the water!

There are a few features that come standard with all Extreme Boats however - and it is these things that have made Extreme Boats the success that it is today!



All of our Extreme Boats are designed to have a huge amount of reserve buoyancy. Large underfloor air tight chambers are located either side of our central fuel tanks acting like life rings to keep a vessel afloat if it was to take on water. Reserve buoyancy is something not to be taken lightly and will keep you afloat until help arrives should you find yourself in a worst case scenario.



One word that is not often mentioned to describe a boats behavior is "PREDICTABLE", yet it is something that is very important when you find yourself crossing a bar, or caught out in rougher seas. Large reverse chines are built into all Extreme Boats which make them track very well in following/beam on seas and restrict broaching. They also ensure a dry and comfortable ride deflecting spray. Predicatability cannot be "seen" in a boat - but it can certainly be "felt"



A self flooding keel is built into our Extreme Boat range which enables a large volume of water to enter the central vee of the hull adding extra weight down low when at rest. This adds a huge amount of stability, and combined with a wide beam and large reverse chines ensures your fishing platform is a very stable one! When underway, the self flooding keel will rapidly empty to ensure you are not carrying that extra weight around saving fuel.



The build on an Extreme Boat is carried out on site from start to finish including the design, cutting, folding, fabrication, painting, upholstery and fit out. This enables us to be in control of the product the whole way throughout the build ensuring all aspects of the build are completed to the highest of standards.



At Extreme Boats we pride ourselves on our build quality and producing a finished product second to none! We build our boats with passion and back them with pride.