About Extreme BOATS USA

The story behind the legend.

Extreme Boats USA - Extreme Boats USA is the distributor for Extreme Boats of New Zealand. Our first introduction was with three models that were displayed at the Cleveland Boat Show. While setting up for the show, we already had eyes on the product. Dealers, brokers, and workers all kept coming up to the boats to view and see what Extreme Boats is all about. The term rubbernecker was in full play as people kept doing double views and coming back to touch, feel, and go over what is Extreme Boats.

Many aspects come into play with Extreme Boats USA. For our clients in the Americas, we can offer many services that will customize your build. From the hull design to electronics, electrical, canvas, SeaDek, to engine packages, we can help build your Extreme dream.



Everything with Extreme Boats from cutting, welding, and upholstery is all done in house. Extreme Boat takes every boat to the next level by continuously evolving and providing the latest in performance, design, stability, and overall quality that is second to none. The sides of the hull are as smooth as any fiberglass boat on the market today. Every Extreme Boats hull features three standout items:

  1. A flooded keel
  2. A high deadrise
  3. An oversize reverse chine to promote stability and handling.

You can see how well Extreme Boats will perform just by the look of her. Imagine taking off, instantly getting on plane, as the water in the flooded keel is jetisoned out the back of the boat almost instantly! It’s simply impressive! From on plane to wide open throttle the increased angle in the deadrise allows the boat to cut through the waves and the water flows to the reverse chine, which throws it back down and out to the sides. This allows more lift and less drag in the water and a fast dry ride.


All Extreme Boats feature an impressive degree of stability at rest and in motion. Starting with the flooded keel, while the vessel slows down, water rushes into the open chamber and floods the keel. The boat then settles into the water and displacement takes over. With Extreme Boats’ wide beams and reverse chines, the boat stays level while going up and down the waters at rest to slow speeds. Place the deadrise back into the equation and now the boat will start to track with the waves. This allows both the captain and crew to know exactly where the boat will end up while drifting or at anchor.


From the welds that are done by hand, right to the three-week paint process, Extreme Boats prides themselves on the best fits and finishes. Even the handrails that are conveniently located in all the right spots. Everything on Extreme Boats is well thought out with a finish of the highest quality.


Extreme Boats spares no expense when it comes to the quality of it’s boats. Hand picked teams oversee the boats at the factory from start to finish. Extreme’s talented, dedicated crew are the best in the business at their craft. They are true artisans and have the drive, passion, and absolute LOVE for their hobby in creating, designing, and building your dream boat. Everything with Extreme Boats is intentional, from the way the simple weld to the accomplishments it achieves on the water.


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